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Everolimus for cardiac rhabdomyomas in children with tuberous sclerosis. The ORACLE study protocol (everOlimus for caRdiac rhAbdomyomas in tuberous sCLErosis): a randomised, multicentre, placebo-controlled, double-blind phase II trial. Stelmaszewski EV, Parente DB, Farina A, Stein A, Gutierrez A, Raquelo-Menegassio AF, Manterola C, de Sousa CF, Victor C, Maki D, Morón EM, de Abrantes FF, Iqbal F, Camacho-Vilchez J, Jimenez-Pavón J, Polania JP, Thompson L, Bonanato L, Diebold M, […] Loss KL. Cardiol Young, 30(3):337-345, 26 Jan 2020.

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